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by Arcane Ritual

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Ashlie Incredible female vocals with beautiful guitar melody's and gothic/doomy harmonies. This is my fave album right now that I can't stop playing! ;) Can't wait to see what they do next! Favorite track: Sea Of Darkness.
Fahrenheight Nova
Fahrenheight Nova thumbnail
Fahrenheight Nova Fantastic doomy gothic thrash, and a solid album from front to back! It reminds me of a well blended mesh of Mandylion-era Gathering meets classic Metallica, if that paints any picture of what to expect. Very difficult to pick a favorite as they're all high quality, but the beautiful The Storm really stands out for me. Teresa's sultry voice really shines throughout just as well as Jarek's skilled playing. I'd love to hear more! Highly recommended! Favorite track: The Storm.
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Witch-Heart 06:22
Witch-Heart As I uncover each layer within this bounded flesh I find a mystery waiting To walk my own path I must discover the demons bound unto me, many lifetimes I feel the beating of my heart the place where I must start so dwells my heartache and pain Into the fire where I walk the ancestors who talk to me of ageless wisdom. -Chorus- Mother I hear you I’ll answer the call Vigilant priestess till death and beyond Still I go deeper this work can last many lifetimes intuition guides my heart true The circle casting I feel the wind in my hair the earth beneath & water flowing I feel the fire burn within, destroying every notion of detachment & sin And there is no more room to doubt the knowledge that was lost It still resides within us -Chorus- In this place where we stand the tortured sky, the world of man For those before & those to come, we invoke your ancient wisdom Life the veil laid on our race the hatred, the lies & the disgrace Blessed be...
The Last Savior Last warning, the last goodbye It’s the last dance of your life Last great hope, the last great lie In the temple of deceit He who heeds the good book Pious hatred as his right The last savior will spare his soul In the last days of all life -Chorus- Walls build on faith A prison of the blind Self righteous chains Hypocrisy & false morality Breaking their minds Holiest unholy Twisted religions Promise life eternal A Lie!!!!! Last sunset, the last sunrise It’s the end of fucking days A tragedy, catastrophe Oh you better mend your wicked ways Last in line, the last in time Will the prophecy ever change? How many times can one cry wolf Until there’s hell to pay? -Chorus- Holding our world hostage In the dogma cage Feeding on our sorrow Our cries Last days come and last days go Here we are still alive and so It seems that the apocalypse Is a fairytale, a show Last savior who never comes But never really goes Time to admit once and for all That the emperor has no clothes -Chorus- Innocence once stolen Give way to guilt and shame Holy war eternal We die
Shifting Perception I see the madness in your eyes I’ve been through what you suffer But I get the feeling that tonight You could start over Forget the past, let go of the struggle Ditch this illusion, for a new level Life beyond meaning, into the darkness Shifting Perception -Chorus- A reality awaits you there Beyond everything you might want to know This world will bring you to your knees You’ll feel defeat and sorrow But I see the strength to carry And rise tomorrow Don’t let the wounds and words of another Keep you from unlocking every wonder Waiting for you, don’t give up your passion Shifting Perception -Chorus- I see the possibilities That lie beyond your struggle Forget all that you think you know You must start over Breaking the silence, speaking your own truth Seek deeper meaning, always demand proof Don’t let your logic, fall by the wayside Shifting Perception -Chorus-
Elemental Flames Silence falls over me A rush, the fire ignites Holding eternity Beneath an endless sky -Chorus- Secrets kept are Now revealed to me as I Move with elemental flames The flow of life And death are clear to me at once I lose my sense of time and space Slipping further into this trance Of smoke and flame Like a Phoenix the fire Bestows new life to me -Chorus- With the flickering heat The pulse of my heartbeat Burns away earthy thoughts Revealing fractal dreams -Chorus-
The Storm 08:01
The Storm Strange old winds Blowing now Feel the pressure Start to mount Approaching shift Provoking the heartache And the hopelessness I feel -Chrous- When the storm begins to grow Thunder shakes my suffering Down into the broken ground To flood me through Raging gusts of anger Followed by the crippling fear Waiting for something To weather this downpour Calm the tempest that has taken me Battering down all my walls Free me from this sorrow Destruction paving the path To a new beginning Drop by drop The rain comes down Fills me up So I might drown The inner shame That threatens my solace The enlightenment I seek -Chorus- Savage are my thoughts now As the lightning cracks the sky Waiting for something Raging, pure emotion Time to cleanse the doubts that Hold me back -Chorus- Daybreak brings the silence Calm now washes over me Waiting for something No more, I survived this And now I am stronger than before Battering down all my walls Free to build something new From the ruins, tears of the past Grow new seeds, the future
Too Little, Too Late Insanity and suffering Just how much more pain will Us humans bring upon the world Without necessity? It is time to set your mind free The end is nigh And the children cry Just how long will we turn a Blind eye Murder and rape While villains escape And the planet dies Listen to the voice inside -Chorus- Don’t let a single chance slip by To build your dreams and do what’s right Too little, too late Too little, too late You don’t wanna wait Don’t take the bait You make your fate Don’t fucking wait Until it’s too little, too late Too little, too late Too little, too late Your regret won’t wait Too little, too late Too little, too late Not more time to wait...it could be too late Broken homes & tyranny Is this truly the best we can be? There’s something sick Something truly wrong And each of us must rewrite This old song To see the change We must be the change & the programmed thoughts we have Must be rearranged This is no lie No fucking fantasy It’s our world and it can be what We choose to be -Chorus- I know you feel this anxiety And it eats at you because Deep down you know The truth of it That reality is more than we see The boiling point has been reached Cause all it takes Is for you to break From the construct that has been sold It’s all a fake It’s time to rise See through the disguise Can you visualize Watching a corrupt world die? -Chorus-
Make Believe 04:49
MAKE BELIEVE I feel the sun & the sounds of laughter Happy ever after And on that day all that lie before me My greatest story still But the stories unfold It never goes how they told you & when your castle comes crumbling down You realize that it’s all been make believe You keep telling stories but I know Won’t play your make believe game as I go They say when you grow That make believe has to go But what they forget to tell you Is in the ‘real’ world they make believe too I see people pretending they know Won’t play that make believe game as I go I feel my heart beating deep inside me Could new life be there? The thought of love, someone to grow beside me Enchanted fairytale And then that fateful day comes They say “so sorry, nothing to be done” And if I thought this I could foresee I’d say all that’s left now is to make believe You might say it’s all right but I know Won’t play those make believe games as I go
Sea of Darkness I am your darkness I’m your shadow twin Sailing under the dark skies On the edge of reason Angels and Demons Fighting to get at you & the changing tides Carry you far away -Chorus- In all you say & all you do- find me I want you to The darkest waters are so cold I just want you Here I bear witness To the course you take Will you find a way through Fear & guilt & shame You must choose wisely Listen for whispers in the breeze To navigate the ever changing seas -Chorus- The storm approaches Ravaging the light Only with steadfast courage Can you win this fight & when the clouds break Victory in facing fear & the lessons learned Bring you home safe in the end -Chorus- In all you are shadow & light You’ll find me there when the time is right The deepest depths somewhere below The sea of darkness will bring you home
The Long Good Bye The memories of my heart Passages of time Details growing dark But you’re always on my mind And you become an empty spectre Right before my eyes And I know it’s wrong to wish your ending But this just isn’t living And I wonder, I do Where you really are? The person I knew Are you trapped somewhere? And I’ve become so terrified There’s no light in your eyes And I know it’s wrong to fear the future But is this what’s in store for me?


The album releases digitally worldwide on March 1, 2019.
For any business/label/distribution/promotion inquiries and any more info please email us at info@arcaneritual.net
Our website: www.arcaneritual.net


released March 1, 2019

Arcane Ritual is:
Teresa Camp - Voice
Jarek Tatarek - Music


all rights reserved



Arcane Ritual San Francisco, California

Hailing from the SF Bay Area, home of metal titans like Metallica and Testament, Arcane Ritual is a new breed of gothic metal with elements of melodic thrash and doom. The band has released a video for ‘Entwined in Starlight’ in Dec, 2016, an EP ‘Enemy of the State’, as well as single "Angel" in 2017. The debit album "Witch-Heart" will release early in 2019. Details TBA. ... more

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